Football Scouting

Create a Scouting Network from spectators for your football club

Most clubs except those with good financial backing have limited or no scouting network to assess opposition or potential signings. As such it is not as easy as it could be to prepare your team and build your club with the best players available to you locally. That is, until Futbolistico came along to help as the perfect solution to your football scouting needs.

With Futbolistico, you will be able to build a scouting network from spectators as big as you like for a very small fee if you are a club. Alternatively if you are someone who watches matches and would like to help your club, then you can join for free and affiliate yourself to a club. Your match reports and information will be fed back to the team(s) you affiliate with giving them vital information on opponents and players. If you can click a mouse, watch football and type a few words then you can be a scout. - YouTube Channel Info Videos - Follow Futbolistico on Twitter
In addition, for players who are seeking a new club our transfer market will provide a further pool of player information that each club could tap into to get ahead of the rest. So why not register with Futbolistico and help build your club's scouting network.